Visibility for the sector

One of Biocat’s goals is to raise visibility of the BioRegion of Catalonia and its stakeholders. To do so, the organization works to provide updated information on the healthcare and life sciences sector for professionals in the sector and the general public, both locally and internationally, through various communication channels. The main tools Biocat uses to disseminate the activity of the BioRegion are media outlets, websites and social media.

The Biocat website, available in Catalan, Spanish and English, saw a total of 258,900 visits from 151,909 unique visitors in 2019, up 4.82% and 2.43% from 2018, respectively. In 2019, 80 new articles, interviews and reports were published, most noteworthy being the contents developed in-house and related to the Biocat programs. This year, a new blog was launched on the website, with posts on various topics of interest to the BioRegion.

The most-visited section, once again this year, was the one with job offers. In 2019, this section was overhauled and made more intuitive and practical for visitors, consolidating its position as a benchmark in the sector.

In 2019, 124 electronic communications were sent out in three languages on activities of interest to the sector, to more than 11,600 subscribers. The design of the newsletter was updated this year. These communications included the E-news, which is sent out monthly, which also got an updated design in 2019.

Benchmark for all audiences

Biocat is active on social media, raising awareness of its own activities and those in the sector, as well as the main news related to the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. At the end of 2019, the Biocat social media profiles had 37,386 followers and the contents posted there had generated 4.3 million impressions over the course of the year.

The social media platform with the most followers is Twitter, with over 21,700 users following the Biocat accounts in Catalan, Spanish and English and the Moebio and B·Debate accounts as of the end of 2019. The network that posted the fastest growth, however, was LinkedIn, with the number of followers up 41.8% to 15,652 between the Biocat and Moebio pages.

In terms of media presence, Biocat and its activities had 95 impacts in the written press, 293 in digital media and 13 radio and television appearances. These impacts include 3 appearances in foreign media, helping boost the positioning of Barcelona and the BioRegion of Catalonia internationally.

Source of knowledge

Biocat has consolidated its position as a benchmark source for data on the sector and, throughout the year, receives numerous requests for information and figures from other organizations and the media. Updating this data internally on an ongoing basis makes it possible to continue expanding the directory of companies in the sector on the Catalan Life Sciences portal and compiling the information needed to draft the Biocat Report.